Mindful ironing!

Many of my customers enjoy ironing; it puts them in a contemplative mood and they feel as though they have accomplished something.

It is, however, still a chore!

Some rules

my rules, of course!
I never ironed one thing until I started to collect antique linens. I use a 1950’s vintage rotary mangle iron and I do not use a hand iron, ever, so adjust my advice to your own situation.

Use the hottest iron you can find (on linen and cotton fabrics)

Don’t use steam

Iron most items when they are just barely damp (some coarser items may need to be almost wet in order to press out the wrinkles)

Iron them until you have pressed out all the dampness (or hang or drape immediately in a place they will continue to dry

Iron on the wrong side with a pad underneath (especially embroidery)

Smooth and tug gently, but firmly, to spread the fabric

There is a trade-off if you iron folds into your items (such as napkins and guest towels): the item looks fabulous but the folds will be slightly weakened

Do not take your eyes off your task

Use starch only if you will be using the items shortly

Do not use starch if you will be string your items for any length of time

Don’t even iron them if you will simply be storing them for a long time

Fold them once they have cooled

Storage thoughts soon… gotta run! I am about to launch my redesigned web site shortly!



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