Uneven, blotchy color after laundering an antique textile

This is another specific problem that I have run into.

Uneven, mottled color can look like a mix of white and yellowish blotches or sometimes it can look like a mixture of blue and white. It result from the fabric surfaces not being submerged equally and the cleaning treatment not getting permeating every fiber. One would think that detergent would reach every fiber when the item is being washed in a washing machine, but it doesn’t… especially when the textile is bulky or big, such as a sheet.

To prevent this problem:

If you are starting out with a sheet or bedspread that has been stored badly and is rusty or just plain dirty, make the first wash a long soaking in your bathtub with plenty of water and plenty of swishing. (of course, I recommend using a product called “Restoration,” which is my favorite because it really works for me. Purchase from: http://www.englesideproducts.com)

Just make sure that your item has lots of space to float so that the water and the cleaning agent can permeate all the fibers.

If you already have this problem and are bothered by it, it is worth a try to solve it.

First, soak the piece in water with a little white vinegar added to remove any chemical residue.

Then, soak it well in plain water. (twice, if you want to be extra careful)

Then, soak it for a day or two in water to which a little laundry detergent and a little bleach (1 cup per bathtub, maybe? or less) has been added, making sure to stir well.

Repeat with a vinegar rinse and a clear rinse. Hopefully this will have helped!

I have had good outcomes with this method, as much as I hate to use bleach. An alternative might be to buy dye remover and follow the instructions on the box. I bought some last year but I have been too afraid to use it so far.

Love and luck!


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