Antique Linens, Glorious Linens!

You love it. It speaks to you. You want it.

But how will you use this glorious antique or vintage textile or linen once you carry it home?

Dig deep, search your soul… and be truthful with yourself. (because nobody knows you as well as you do)

What is your goal? Are you a collector? Does the piece fit into or expand your collection in a meaningful way? Will it be used or do you have a place to display it? Does that even matter? If it ends up sleeping in your linen drawer or linen closet, is that okay with you? Only you know your search criteria, your storage and display concerns and the state of your piggy bank. So, consider your goals… and if you still want it, my advice is to include it in your life.

My story is that I buy the things I love, things to which I respond viscerally, even if I don’t have an immediate use for them. later, when a project comes up and I need “just the perfect thing” for it, I’ll search my linen closet and, voilá!, sometimes that perfect thing appears! I call it “going shopping in the closet.” Nothing confounds me more than when I remember the “perfect thing” that I passed up and did not buy! I always seem to need it later…
don’t you?


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