it’s october in linen land!

if you are going to be burrowing through your closets looking for warmer winter items to wear and to place in your home, it’s also time to “look at” your linens. that’s what i say when i fling wide the cupboard door and realize that, despite having only the best intentions… i have neither rotated, refolded or rearranged my linen cupboard.

it’s never too late, of course. just take a deep breath and wade in. you have my permission to throw away (or tear up for dustcloths) the things that have holes or are worn out. you also have my permission to give away (to children, friends or goodwill) any items that you know you truly (truly in your heart truly) will not use for anything. if it is an item in a collection, it’s okay to keep it. i am talking about the other stuff!

make a pact with yourself to rotate your items so that they all get seen… and so they all wear out a tiny bit instead of all at once. i have the habit of pulling sheets off beds, washing them and just popping them right back where they were. my resolve: i’m gonna break this habit!

there is no time like the present to plan to carry a cup of tea or hot chocolate and go to commune with your linen shelves!


One Response to “it’s october in linen land!”

  1. Zuni Says:

    I just discovered your awesome store with the most wonderful antique linens! I am thrilled! I came to your blog to follow you, but don’t see it. Am I missing it?

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