more ironing advice

many “new” old linens have arrived and i have been ironing. a lot.

iron fabrics on the wrong side on a padded surface. ironing smooths the weave where the hot iron touches the fabric, sometimes smoothing it too much and making it shiny or slick. this is especially important with monograms and embroidery where a great deal of the appeal is the three dimensional character of the work.

napkins. it’s imperative to establish a folding pattern and stick with it. this helps with stacking, storing and counting. long ago, i started folding items so that the main design (a monogram on a napkin or also on a handkerchief) ends up in the exact same position on every item. a customer described how she folded her napkins in order that her dinner guests could pick them up with one hand so that the napkins practically unfolded themselves. that’s the idea!


One Response to “more ironing advice”

  1. Joan Says:

    Maybe a little helpful add-on here. I was referred to a source for a big ol’ board which can be placed directly onto your ironing board. This would make it easier to press those large tableclohs and sheets, see

    I tend to disagree with your pressing of napkins. I hate to see ANY pressing of folds as that stresses the fibers of our precious linens. Why not press the napkins and store them flat and unfolded in your closet, tucked inside some acid-free tissue paper? I like the full look of the napkins when tucked into napkin rings.

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