New Marghab idea

I was so unhappy trying to identify a Marghab pattern recently that I am starting a Marghab pattern identification page on my website. If you love or collect Marghab, you know that there is not one place that you can go to see photos of all the patterns.

I have collected many photos over the years and I even have photos of two patterns that the book says have never been seen. Hmmn, books can be wrong, I suppose. (The two patterns are called “Fire” and “Sprig” in case you are curious.)

My goal is to try to have photos of as many Marghab designs as possible. Doesn’t that sound like a satisfying kind of project!?

If you would be so kind as to help me with this, please contact me; Then you can email me some good photos along with the name of the design and the type of item. I will also give you photo credits if you like. And, if you know of anyone who collects Marghab embroidery, please let them know about my plan!


One Response to “New Marghab idea”

  1. elizabeth grant Says:

    Vera Marghab left her estate to University of South Dakota. You are probably already aware of “Perfection, Never Less” that has been a bible for me. When I first started collecting Marghab someone steered me to U South Dakota for authentication and they were wonderful. I understand that they still help with authentication but they charge for it. Haven’t been in contact with them for a long time as I also stopped collecting Marghab.

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