more Marghab updates!

We are making progress on my Marghab identification project. Here is the page link in case you have some Marghab that you would like to try to identify. And, I’d be grateful if you would send any photos of Marghab designs that I am currently missing.

I am excited to see how far we get; the list seems endless right now and there are lots of blanks!


2 Responses to “more Marghab updates!”

  1. Marsha Manchester Says:

    Hi Cynthia ~ WONDERFUL site you have!!! I’m delighted to see you’re updating all the Marghab patterns. I’m presently packing for The Pier Show or I’d send photos of SHADOWED LEAVES, a photo of ROSEWOOD and VIGNETTE. I believe the ROSETREE towel you show is not Marghab since the Marghab pattern has fallen flowers along the border ~ check PERFECT ~ NEVER LESS to see the difference. I’ll get back to you next week ~ Marsha Manchester

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