Why is there a price difference in damask tablecloths on your website?

This question arrived this morning and it is a good one. My reply is both practical as well as subjective. A customer inquired about three specific tablecloths.

Tablecloths A and B are newer, ( 20th c. which is not necessarily a good thing but these are in superb condition), they are heavy (for damask), are off white in color (which is very rare) and are of a length which just pushes them into a very long size. (120″+) which also makes them rare.

Tablecloth C, though spectacular and old (19th c.) has been used more, is worn (slightly), has imperfections in one corner and it has fringe, which modern people see as a detriment because they perceive it to be scary to handle. I, myself, adore fringe and I adore the quality and designs of old old damask… the A and B cloth designs are sleek and simple but I do love the old fashioned fringe and flowers. If they had figures or scenes in them, the prices would also jump up.

Then, there is a very practical matter of what I had to pay to acquire them and launder them and how long I anticipate them “sitting around” before the perfect customer comes along…


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