what I learned today while unpacking some linens.

As I unpacked a box of linens that arrived recently, I wished I could talk out loud to everyone because it would be so much fun to share the experience! In this particular shipment, it was interesting to see rather ordinary items being lumped in and handled with the same care as some really exceptional things that a recent box contained. It was a good reminder that, to most people, a tablecloth is a tablecloth… is a tablecloth!

It is only to slightly more educated and experienced eyes that things look remarkably different. I marveled to see items of varying quality being treated with the same deference. Simply unexciting contemporary sets of napkins were bundled and counted right alongside sets of splendid ones.


One Response to “what I learned today while unpacking some linens.”

  1. Lois Heerema Says:

    I know exactly how you feel – It’s like Christmas! I have one other friend who lives in Colorado – we call each other when we get a box in, and we describe it to each other as we open it – squealing with delight if we find a great treasure!
    BTW, I love your blog!

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