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Snowstorm, Nor’easter, what about if we lose power?

January 26, 2015

Here in the northeast we are gearing up for a frightful storm that may keep us housebound for a few days (at best) or may even cause power outages.

While listening to a local talk radio show today, I really had to smile. They were discussing movies, tv shows and books that you could catch up on if you were stuck at home. What a lovely concept! But I can’t imagine any of my female friends who are not fantasizing about getting some extra cleaning and organizing done if they and their families are housebound! (electricity or not!)

Can’t you imagine? A wheedling and coaxing mom says, “C’mon kiddos, let’s just clean out this and this and this and after that we can toast marshmallows in the fireplace!” (or collapse!)